F-Droids Secrecy version is insecure

The Secrecy app in the F-Droid repository uses ECB to encrypt the files (Source):

In the original repository, it was changed from ECB to CTR with commit b87ec92 which is included since version 0.5.1 and they automatically update the container format. If you want to try it out for yourself, just follow this post but instead of using openssl copy the file into and out of your vault.

By the way: NakedSecurity looked into some other apps a few years ago

Generate unique addresses with qmail

I’m using a simple script to generate a unique mail address for every service I use. It depends on pwgen, xsel (to copy the address directly to the clipboard) and of course ssh.

You need to modify line 4-6 of course (in line 6 you can add a prefix, this allows you to use a special subdomain for all addresses). I suggest that you use SSH Key Auth and Connection Sharing. Example usage: